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There are loads of bee books available. The links below are to Amazon, but there a loads of IRL places to get books. One of my favourites is Scarthin Books in Cromford. You can spend hours there.. You also need to visit Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales. It’s book shops are legendary and the annual Hay Literary Festival is also well worth a visit. Online book shops include World of Books,  Northern Bee Books.

Here’s some of the bee books I’ve picked up (no particular order) :

 Keeping Bees, Peter Beckley (1977) : Haven’t started reading this one yet. Christmas present from Ma ‘n’ Pa.
 Wisdom for beekeepers, James E. Tew (2014) : Picked this up from a garden centre. 500 tips. You won’t know them all.
 The honey bee inside out, Celia F Davis (2015) : Very technical. Everything you wanted to know about honey bee anatomy. Not a light read, but brilliantly written and incredibly detailed. Celia’s companion book, The Honey Bee Around & About, is on my list after I’ve finished this one.
 The Shamanic way of the bee, Simon Buxton (2006) : A different look at bees from the point of view of bee shamanism. Interesting read.
 The complete and easy guide to beekeeping, Kim Flottum (2005) : Plenty of photos, informative and the asparagus with honey garlic sauce sounds like something I should try.
 The Haynes Bee Manual, Claire and Adrian Waring (2011) : A definite for the beginner beekeeper. Loads of pictures and very informative. The Waring’s are an integral part of British beekeeping, Claire is editor of Bee Craft. This book is well worth getting if you’re just starting out.
 Bee-keeping for beginners, I. H. Jackson (2/6 net, date unknown, possibly 1924) : Bought this from Hay on Wye booksellers, the book used to be owned by the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association.
 The Bee Keepers Encyclopedia, Alexander S. C. Deanes (1949) : Another Hay on Wye purchase. Currently unread.
Modern Beekeeping, Herbert Mace (1927) : Another Hay on Wye purchase. Currently unread.
 A world without bees, Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum (2009) : Charity shop purchase. Currently unread.
 The Beekeepers Annual (1985) : Great articles, yearly beekeeping necessities, fantastic beards and arran sweater adverts from 1985. Fascinating reading.
 Getting started in beekeeping, Adrian and Claire Waring (2015) : Good tips and a good all round introduction.
 Bees and beekeeping, A. V. Pavord (1970) : Covers more than the usual basic book.
 Beeswax Crafts, Search Press (1996) : There’s more to bees than honey..
 My Bee Book, William Charles Cotton (1842) : Obscure. Haven’t read this one yet but looks fascinating.
 Keeping Bees, Pam Gregory and Claire Waring (2017) : Another garden centre purchase. Covers beginner ground, half text, half pictures. A picture paints a thousand words..
 The Sacred Bee, Hilda M. Ransome (1937) : Just started reading this but so far it’s been fascinating. Well worth a read from an historical point of view, and ignore the Amazon comment about the quality of the paper..
 Honey and Dust, Piers Moore Ede (2005) : Global bee travels. Piers, not the bees. Interesting perspective. 20p charity shop bargain..
 A Sting In The Tale, Dave Goulson (2013) : This one’s about bumblebees!
 Bees and beekeping, Derek Hall (2010) : Full of photos, this is very informative.
 Honey: Nature’s Golden Healer, Gloria Havenhand (2011) : Loads of information about honey, bee products and their benefits.

Here’s some books I haven’t got yet but aim to get..

 Keeping Bees: A Complete Practical Guide, Paul Peacock (2008) : A generally interesting look at the world of keeping bees.
 The Honey Bee Around and About, Celia F. Davis (2007) : Another in depth look at the honey bee. Amazing detail.
 Collins Beekeeper’s Bible: Bees, honey, recipes and other home uses, Various (2010) : A very detailed handbook covering loads of aspects of beekeeping. Comes well recommended.
 Bees at the Bottom of the Garden, Alan Campion, Gay Hodgson (2001) : Quite basic but quite interesting apparently!
 Queen Rearing Essentials, Lawrence John Connor (2015) : I’ve yet to look into Queen Rearing but it crops up a lot in bee keepers chats.
Increase Essentials, Lawrence John Connor (2014) : How to increase your bee colony size. Not ready for this yet I don’t think.
Honey Farming, R.O.B. Manley (1985? Maybe 1948?) : Good reference book, apparently.
Bee Sex Essentials, Lawrence John Connor (2015) : Good reference book, apparently.
The Barefoot Beekeeper, P. J. Chandler (2009) : Sustainable, chemical-free, ‘natural’ beekeeping. Sounds good.

Online books what I have found

At the Hive Entrance Paperback by H Storch (1985?) : An observation, explanation of various beekeeping scenarios. Different…

Biobees Library (various) : Loads to look through here.