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Well everyone watches Youtube videos, don’t they?

Here’s some I’ve been watching recently (click the title to view):

Vanishing of the Bees (2009) : Do you ever watch something and say to yourself, “Why you doing that mate? That’s daft.”. You might occasionally get the same feeling with this. This video explores colony collapse disorder (CCD), monoculture, transporting 1,000’s of hives from one end of America to the other, the science (or lack of) that Government bodies in the US and elsewhere employ to legislate systemic pesticides, and the French. It just cries out “keep thing local“. That’s how bees work. Yes, you can make money from them, we should not, however, be abusing and confusing the bees. Keep it back yard, kids.

The Monk and the Honeybee (2005?) : This one (in 5 parts) is all about Brother Adam, a German Benedictine monk. With great video sequences, bee processes explained in a most informative manner, and quite scary 70’s music and sound effects (don’t have nightmares) this is well worth watching. Explaining how Brother Adam ended up looking after the Buckfast apiaries near Devon and Dartmoor. A group of French monks rebuilt Buckfast Abbey at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20 century, after it’s destruction  in the 16th century. With the Isle of Wight Disease prevalent at the beginning of the 20th century, now attributed to acarine (tracheal) mites, Brother Adam found that cross breeding acarine resistant strains of bee (Italian cross breeds) with the English Black bee strains, he produced less aggressive bees, bees less inclined to swarm and, more importantly, stronger and more disease resistant bees. Brother Adam is worshipped amongst beekeepers, and we can all learn something from him..


As with all things on the Internet, there are free things and things you should buy. You should buy these videos if you can. Buying things puts money back in the hands of the producers so they can make more videos. If you don’t buy these videos then watch these videos and spend your money and time investing in bee knowledge, bee management and bee education. At least make sure you plant some bee friendly flowers and get your neighbours too, as well. Don’t buy honey that says it’s blended from EU and EU sources, buy local, if you can. Check your local butchers (that’s how I got into beekeeping, unexpected jars of honey for sale in the local butchers), go to your local farm shop, visit your local farmer’s market (Waitrose in Wollaton, Nottingham have one every first Saturday of the month, I think), urge your local supermarkets, contact your local Beekeeping Association to find out where you can find local honey sellers. That kinda thing.. You get the picture.

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Vanishing of the Bees

The Monk and the Honeybee